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Update regarding the latest government guidence relating to Covid-19

May 12, 2020

The Government has indicated that provisionally hair salons might be able to open on July 4th, albeit subject to date change with respect to the severity of the virus infection spread between now and that date.

At this time no confirmed date is therefore in place.  I feel that it would be inappropriate to open up the Appointment System and then subsequently have to let Guests down potentially at short notice, until nearer to a definite date.  This is frustrating for us all, but is also the most workable solution to what will inevitably be a stressful time for all Staff and Guests.

You can be assured that I am working to ensure that all the required PPE is being sourced for Staff and Guests, and also that appropriate social distancing measures are being put into place.
I understand that the requirements for social distancing will mean that inevitably the salon will need to operate at half capacity, and thus the waiting list time for appointments will be lengthened.  I intend to mitigate this by opening 7 days per week and with longer opening hours, this will require both Staff and Guests to be more flexible in their availability when scheduling appointments.

We will all need to be aware that in the “new world” the way that Evolve operates will be necessarily different.  It is my focus to ensure that the DNA of the Evolve experience is retained, in that all Guests have a fabulous experience whilst in the salon, and the Evolve goal continues to be that you leave the salon “looking and feeling fantastic”.

Stay Safe and we will all see you soon.

Kind Regards,

Linzi & Team Evolve